Saturday, December 14, 2019
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The Incredible Lack of Internet Hubub Around IRTA’s Proposed Change in...

The barter industry has much to thank Dennis Smith for in the year 2014. He took down Ormita, a house of cards which perpetrated...

48 Hours Have Come and Gone

0 currently hosts a logo and a message. We are unveiling our exciting new system in 48 hours. Please stay tuned! Forty-eight hours have come and gone. The new...

Dennis Smith Continues to Pressure Daniel Evans and Ormita

Dennis Smith, author of the Ormita Report, continues to publish and put pressure on Ormita and Daniel Evans. In a recent post on

Name and Shame of Ormita Supporters Likely to Continue

Dennis Smith is a man on a mission. And that mission isn't likely to be over until he sees Daniel Evans broke, busted, and/or jailed. According...

Second Interview with Dennis Smith

After the Ormita software went down, effectively crippling the organization in all respects, for the short term at least, I reached out to Dennis...