Tuesday, February 18, 2020
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Blue Dot Furniture Handling Barter Via Online Swap Meet

In a very interesting turn for a modern furniture company, Blue Dot furniture is now handling an online swap meet of sorts. Instead of...

Swap.com Starts 18 City Promo with National Swap Day

As reported by Boston.com, Swap.com started their 18 city promotional event by inviting locals to attend a LITERAL swap meet. Participants were encouraged to...

New Thai Barter Site: CoolSwop

Coolswop is a Thai internet barter website that is following the same vein as BarterQuest and U-Swap. Remember back in grade school when your mom...

Contractor Uses “Swap-A-Rama” To Generate Buzz

4 Seasons Home Crafters of Norton Shores, Michigan, is generating a significant amount of buzz about their yearly promotion, the "Swap-A-Rama". In conjunction with...

Citadel Barters With MSpan for Mobile Marketing

July, 26, 2010: Citadel Media signs a marketing and sales agreement with mSnap, which will provide mobile marketing capabilities to stations on a barter...