Wednesday, December 11, 2019
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VirtualBarter announces it’s Alt Pmt now integrates with Apple’s Siri

VirtualBarter CEO/Founder, Bruce Kamm, has announced it's ALT PMT voice enabled payment app software now integrates with Apple's Siri.ALT PMT Integrates with Siri...

VirtualBarter announces launch of DonateXchange

VirtualBarter, and CEO/Founder Bruce Kamm, have announced the launch of a new exchange platform geared towards leveraging barter to raise money for the needs...

VirtualBarter Debuts ALT PMT Mobile Payments

Virtual Barter announces release of ALT PMT mobile payment system. Read Virtual Barter Announcement: Bradenton, Florida – 9/22/2016: VirtualBarter introduces ALT PMT, its new voice enabled...

VirtualBarter Announces Launching of New Trade Commerce Marketplaces

VirtualBarter has announced, via press release, the launching of new trade commerce marketplaces. Read VirtualBarter Press Release: Bradenton, Florida – 8/29/2016: VirtualBarter launched numerous custom versions of its Reciprio,...

VirtualBarter Launches Virtual Market

Via press release, VirtualBarter has announced the launch of 'Virtual Market'. Read press release: VirtualBarter launched Virtual Market (, a new trade commerce marketplace for barter...